May 26, 8:00 PM EDT
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The Senior Letterwinners’ Dinner is a celebration of the student-athletes in the Class of 2021. This is our chance to say THANK YOU for everything you have contributed to the Harvard community, and for upholding the ideals of Harvard Athletics --


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The 2021 SLD Awards Show will be streamed here on May 26 at 8PM EDT.


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The William J. Bingham'16 Award

First awarded in 1954, this award goes to our most outstanding male athlete.

Past Recipients

The Francis H. Burr '09 Scholarship

Awarded to two seniors, one male and one female, for their remarkable qualities of character, leadership, scholarship and athletic ability.

Past Recipients

The Caroll F. Getchell Manager of the Year Award

 Each year the Department recognizes that manager in the senior class “who has best displayed integrity, courage, leadership, and ability” during his/her years of participation. 

Past Recipients

The Radcliffe Prize

This award was first established in 1975, and goes to our most outstanding female athlete.

Past Recipients

The Francis J. Toland Community Service Award

Presented to the senior student-athlete who has made the most outstanding contribution to Harvard and its neighboring communities. 

Past Recipients

The John P. Fadden Award

Given annually to a senior student (Varsity, JV or Intramural) who has overcome physical adversity to make a contribution to his/her team.

Past Recipients

The Harvard-Radcliffe Foundation for Women's Athletics Prize

Established by HRFWA in 1986, this prize goes to our top female scholar-athlete. Nominations for this award come solely from Faculty Deans, Senior Tutors or Resident Deans.

Past Recipients

The Mary G. Paget Prize

The prize was first established in 1975 and is awarded each year to the senior student who has contributed the most to women’s athletics. 

Past Recipients

The Director's Award

Recognizes the person(s) who, through his/her pursuit of excellence and service to Harvard Athletics, has displayed exceptional leadership, personal character, integrity and commitment to education through athletics.

Past Recipients

The John P. Reardon '60 Mens Award

Established in 1987, this goes to our top male scholar-athlete. Nominations for this award come solely from Faculty Deans, Senior Tutors or Resident Deans.

Past Recipients

The Arthur L. Boland Award

Awarded to a senior varsity athlete who will be attending medical school and who best exemplifies those characteristics and qualities of Dr. Art Boland. 

Past Recipients

About the


Nominations for these awards come from head coaches, athletic administrators, faculty deans, resident deans, senior tutors, and others around Harvard’s campus. Selection committees then meet to determine award finalists and recipients.


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National Champion | $100,000
Jacqueline & Jeffrey Tonkel '92
All-American | $25,000
John Simourian ’57, P'88
Jim Quagliaroli '97
All-Ivy | $10,000
Scott Collins '87, P'16
Mary & Richard Jacobson P'16
Captain | $5,000
Louis J. Appell, Jr. ’47 P’73
Kimberley & William Anderson P'17
Major H | $1,000
Walter Greeley '53, P'85
John Winthrop '58, P'86
Georges Peter '59, P'90
Bob Anderson '61
Robert Brooks '68
Larry Cetrulo '71, P'06, '09
Thomas O'Neill '73, P'00
Brian Hehir '75, P'08
David Wagener '76, P'15
William J. Cleary III ’85 P’17, '19
Jack Coan '88
Bob Glatz '88
Martina Albright '90 & Jon Bernstein '90
Andy Freed '90
Cindy & Paul Webb P'16
Jim & Liz Fallon P'18
The Allard Family
John Harvey
John McArthur
The Mollerus Family
Thank You to all our Endowment Contributors!

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No matter the sport. Or the era.
No matter the gender. Or the race.
Special teams all share one thing in common: a bond.
A feeling of comradery, of brotherhood or sisterhood that lasts more than a season, or even an entire college career. It lasts a lifetime.
Since 1886, the Harvard Varsity Club has been a special team. Through events and programs, the Varsity Club celebrates, supports and connects Harvard athletes and their families, past and present, while preserving the traditions and fostering the ideals of Harvard Athletics.
Harvard Varsity Club. ‘Your Team for Life.’
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May 26, 8:00 PM EDT
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